Conlift offer total design packages from initial site survey right through to commissioning of equipment on projects.

Conlift has the skills and expertise to design job-specific components, from initial site surveys right through to point of delivery. We are able to assess and highlight material handling problems, quantify the costs, and determine the solutions.

An accurate return on investment can be calculated, by comparing the existing costs and losses against the investment required for a solution.


We have many years of research and experience in the handling of various bulk materials. The aim of TMC (total material control) is to ensure that the material being stored and transported ends up where it is supposed to be. TMC involves the application of research into the loading of material, transportation, storage and the unloading of material at delivery point.

We work closely with our clients to outline a detailed product specification, we gather all the facts and document it in a clear specification document. When this has been obtained the project will enter the initial concept phase. Using a diverse range of idea generation techniques our design team will produce a wide range of concepts.


Conlift have several joint venture operations with global manufacturing partners who take pride in the quality of our products, using the latest engineering technology to produce precision engineered components. We have over 50 years of combined production manufacturing experience. This experience combined with a flexibility of mind and approach means that we are willing and able to take on the toughest of projects. Designing an innovative product is one thing, but ensuring that it will be efficient and cost effective to manufacture is another. Our design team have the latest engineering software to ensure that each part can be manufactured accurately to within the specifications nominated.

Testing and Certification

Conlift provides design, final testing and approvals including full CSC (Convention of Safety Container) certification at our factory in house testing facility. All critical welds and fabrication are subject to MPI and NDT (Non-destructive testing) as required and sealed bund areas undergo a certified leakage test.

• CSC (Convention of safety Container) approvals and factory testing facility
• Factory batch and line approvals.
• Magnetic Particle Inspection and non destructive weld testing.
• Paint testing and DFT level measurement.


Conlift Personnel can be at site during start-up and commissioning to ensure all equipment is functioning correctly right from the word go. We can offer technical advice and support to the various materials handling centers, to ensure a speedy response when site problems are encountered or repairs required.

Conlift offer many specialty services including operations assistance, commissioning/training, maintenance and equipment condition monitoring. Our Service Technicians can also provide training of onsite personnel in correct operating, maintenance repair and procedures for Conlift products.