Conlift is a full service, design and manufacturing firm. We provide structural design, manufacturing and consulting services for large and small operations, industrial and commercial.

Our proven design, engineering and manufacturing processes deliver shorter time to market, reduce risk, lower manufacturing costs and enhanced product quality, reliability and serviceability.

Conlift can provide various consultancy services including surveys, maintenance, refurbishments and regular servicing. Our experienced team of engineers can also assist with ongoing compliance requirements, regulatory codes and certifications.

We specialize in the supply of material handling equipment from Seller to buyer and our range of products and services includes:

• Custom designed shipping containers
• ISO Tanks
• Loading and discharging equipment
• Terminal trailers
• Special lifting spreaders & beams
• Lashing equipment
• Design
• Surveys and certifications
• Manufacturing
• Repair & maintenance services

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Con Lift Pty Ltd
Suite 3, 1st Floor
1008 Doncaster Road
East Doncaster VIC 3109 Australia
Ph: 1800 814 003