Conlift offers integrated cargo flow solutions for land and maritime transportation of bulk commodities. We are a global company with several manufacturing facilities worldwide. We provide lifetime support in the form of preventative and routine maintenance and service solutions that take care of the full lifetime of your equipment.

With a focus on the customer and innovation, Conlift continually strives to design and manufacture storage and transport solutions that increase productivity and efficiency in a range of industries and applications all over the world. Our customers work in a diverse range of industries including: shipping; self-storage; construction; transport & distribution; civil and marine engineering and defense.

Our dedicated & highly experienced team at Conlift are trained in multiple disciplines for increased productivity. Having all services in-house or under our direct control provides the client with a more coordinated project, and better response times that are sure to meet your schedule. We take pride in our ability to ensure customer satisfaction by offering a value for money, professional and reliable service.